Here at My New Pet, we are dedicated to integrating wellness care with normal everyday life. Your veterinarian staff wants to see you and your pet once a year for wellness exams and vaccines and then send them home to a happy, healthy life with you.

It’s just as stressful on your veterinary staff when your pet isn’t feeling well. They don’t like to see animals sick or hurt, which is why we they have dedicated their lives, and a good bit of their sanity, to keeping pets healthy.

When you get a new pet there are a lot of new things you must learn and adapt into your life. Pets are just like children in many ways. They take a lot of time and care. This site is to help make that adjustment as easy as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Being a new owner is hard, but also very rewarding. Information will help increase the bond with your new pet and extend its life as much as is in your power.

In hopes of helping you pet newbies navigate this new path, I created this website just for you.

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***If you have any pet related questions, please email ktncat@solohunting.com and I will answer as soon as I can.