Product Review

There are so many products on the market. It’s so hard to know which to get and really how safe they are so Cooper has volunteered to be a cat tester for this site. He gets paid with full room and board!

And, being a kitten mostly, he needs all the toys he can get his fuzzy paws on!

River Cat has also Joined the team to give the opposing view. He’s is hard to win over so toys have to work extra hard to please him.

After the boys review a product, I will. I am the resident vet tech and have assisted in many surgeries to remove toys and other objects that have become lodged in our furry friends bellies. Some toys and treats out there were made with the best intentions, but wreak havoc on our pets. Cooper, River and I will do their best to weed out the obvious troubles, but always watch your fuzzy friends when they play to make sure they aren’t the odd duck that finds out just how disastrous an innocent toy can be.

Product Reviews: