Common Health Issues

In school they always said that there were four factors that decided the heath of your pet:

  • Genetics
  • Food
  • Environment
  • Vet care

They stressed often that since we only have control over three of these things, we should be vigilant to make sure they are the best possible. Provide the best foods, keep the environment clean and safe, and provide routine vet care to extend the life of your pet.

Unfortunately, not everything is in our control. Despite our best efforts, things happen. Here are some common problems and some advice on how to handle them:


These are common with pets and also a common reason why people choose not to own pets. Parasites come in all forms and live in all different areas so if you move, one of your first questions to a new vet should be what parasites you need to watch out for in your new home. The colder the climate, the less parasites are prevalent but that doesn’t mean nonexistent. Find what bugs are local and prevent against them.

Because River was just diagnosed with Giardia, we will start with that one and expand from there. There is, unfortunately, no current medical prevention for Giardia. Wash your hands often. Clean feces up promptly and don’t drink outside water.


**Remember, your vet knows your pet and the exact situation. If their advice differs from mine always go with your vets advice. This is why it is so important to find a vet you trust. You are putting a lot in their hands. Trust those hands are only there to help your pet be healthy and strong. Information here can be a good starting point on conversations with your veterinarian. Communication is key.