Whisker City® Turbo Scratcher

I just went to Petsmart to get some chinchilla food and bedding when I remembered Cooper and River had destroyed their scratcher and could probably use new one. There were scratchers better than the one they had for about $8. I should have gotten one of those, but no. I got the $15 dollar one.


Whisker City® Turbo Scratcher


I thought perhaps if Cooper had something to do he’d stop play fighting with Old Man River until River lost his temper and trounced the young fool. So I brought it home, set it in the center of the washroom and sprinkled the provided catnip on it.

Cooper came in immediately to check it out. Unfortunately my son though he was a cat and started playing with the ball, completely scaring Cooper away. Sad for Cooper, but at least I learned this toy entertains human children as well as cats!

All day I watched, camera ready to see how the cats liked this thing but it stood, ignored and unloved. I gave up. I put the camera on the charger and got ready for bed. Learning the middle of the washroom was annoying me since I had to walk around it, I pushed Coopers box aside (Petco box his food ships in) and put the toy there.

One Hit Wonder:

Suddenly it was a hit. No camera. No time and Cooper was on game. He loved it! Chasing the ball, rolling in the catnip and running in circles. Old man River even came in for a sniff. He wasn’t a fan of the ball but did like the dried catnip that came with the scratcher.

They made so much noise with the toy that I had to put it up. The ball is just noisy enough to be annoying when the house goes quiet.

That was really the last time they played with the thing.

Update 4/1/19:

LeeLoo Dallas has joined us as temporary toy tester! Good luck! The little princess still isn’t feeling great.

But she came out of her Welcome Room to give her first review! She sniffed the Turbo Scratcher and stood on it.

So I added SmartyCat CatNip to it and she rubbed, rubbed rubbed the catnitp before morning right passed the thing. She was just as interested as the boys have been with the weird circular thing.

I gave the ball a roll to show her how it worked and she didn’t stop on her way to the couch.

Flash forward to Cooper that night… Head tester boy said, adding catnip to the toy did not increase its likability… but add a LeeLoo smell and INSTANT HIT!

I think he played with the thing for a good twenty minutes before LeeLoo scared him off but then he came back and stayed by it.

After bed he played with it all night, fluffy tail high, pouncing and rolling. It was nice to see him unwind a bit, even though I really just wanted to sleep.

We’ll wait until LeeLoo has settled in and review it again. Perhaps when they’re friends the Turbo Scratcher will go back to being unloved and unwanted.