Cooper Coyote

King Cooper

Job Description:

Cooper takes his job of head toy tester very seriously and practices almost constantly to be ready for the next toy to sink his claws in. He makes sure to keep us all on our toes by implementing surprise attacks and sometimes throwing Christmas trees at us.

Though he is guilty of micro-managing the staff at times,

“You missed a spot.”

It’s all in a days work of making sure we here at My New Pet bring you the very best.

Well…. when it isn’t nap time. Then all work must stop!

Cuddle time!


When we decided we were financially stable enough for a cat, my husband checked all the cats available in the valley to find a big kid who could enjoy living with a four-year-old human boy, which is usually quite a scary concept for animals. He ran across Cooper and we set up a meet and greet with UVAR. The rescue lady laughed when we brought a carrier with us to the meet and greet. “Pretty much a done deal?” Well… ya!

When I took Cooper out of the kennel there, he put a paw on my four-year-old boy as if to say, “I choose you.” What?! The toddler? Well… if Cooper was up for it, I wasn’t going to tell him no, so Cooper got a microchip and a trip in my carrier.


Are you my friend?


That face. It kills me every time. Just barely a year old and left behind when his family moved across country. Bounced from foster home to foster home.

Doesn't anyone want me?



Passed over at adoption events. Lonely, unsure. I think he was so unsure of everything that he stopped eating and drinking. Perhaps that’s why he was dehydrated and underweight when we took him to the vet.


All he did in the exam room was drink… And then there was the long drive home.


He traveled quite well and got a long break in the bathroom while we ran around. We weren’t really expecting a cat that weekend, but we made it work.




That was ok. He just slept anyway, after his dawn bath anyway. Man he was dirty.




He slept…



And slept… Man he was tired.




We didn’t get his needed vaccines at first because he was snotty. We waited and watched, hoping it was just a stress reaction but it got worse, so there was antibiotics and lysine.

He could barely open his eyes.


What’r you lookin at?

Then Old Man River showed up to live with us.Then there was diarrhea and a giardia diagnosis. Ugh! What is a little cat to do with all the change?

Well… You get real scared… and then you adapt.

You get tags. You belong.

You remember you’re still really just a kitten and start running around like crazy. You take out Christmas trees, eat toilet paper and destroy things. You completely change your environment to be your own.

We love you Cooper Coyote. You are home.

But could you sleep with your eyes closed. Leaving them open is kind of creepy.