Our Staff

A big warm welcome from all of us to all of you, but who are we? Let us introduce ourselves:

Shaun Gillespie


As the Web Guru extraordinaire, Shaun is in charge of all things technical like the website, twitter and YouTube portions. He is also co-owner of this site. You won’t see him often but we wouldn’t be here without him.

He is technical minded and comes with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mobil Technology but really, if its a technology, give him a day with it and he’ll use it better than most. We’re so very glad he’s here.

Sylvia Gillespie


Content Manager. If it’s written on this page, chances are that she wrote it. She is missing hours of sleep to get this site up and running for you. Please be patient with her.

She has an associates degree in Veterinary Technology. She started out in an emergency hospital, working the overnight shift and then moved into day practice, which has given her well rounded experience with pets and, strangely enough, their toys as she assisted with the removal of multiple toys from pets stomachs and intestines on emergency as well as recommend some to owners to keep their pets entertained and in shape. She has a much different perspective on toys than owners, breeders and manufacturers. She would love to keep your vet visits to strictly wellness checkups by giving tips to help you and your pet thrive.

When Veterinary Technology couldn’t support her family, she turned back to her passion for writing and went back to school to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. She was lost without her animals though and decided to mix the two careers into one and help all the pets she could reach by her words, and not just her hands.

Cooper Coyote

Head Product Tester. Being just a youngling, he is very excited about all things toy related and loves testing products (and our patience). He hails from Utah Valley Animal Rescue and keeps us on our toes.

Leeloo Dallas

Toy Tester is her title but she assists Copper with all product reviews. She came to us through Pet Samaritan. She is lively, lovely and one heck of a cuddler. She gets more kitten like daily and is eager to try every toy ever made!

A Warm Welcome to Our New Testers. We’ve Finally Gone to the Dogs!!

Luna and Tonks have gotten their first toy care package and are busily reviewing a ball and some treats for us! Reviews incoming!



Mohawk the River Cat

Gone but forever in our hearts ~ 7-4-2002 to 3-23-2019

What am I going to do without you old man?

Was a Product Tester: The resident old man would rather sleep than play, making him an excellent judge of the really cool toys. If the old man would get up and play, that’s a real cool toy! He was born on the side of the Jordan River and lived wild and free before he came to us, so it took a lot to impress him.