Cat Supplies

There are some must have items if you are going to house a cat. It’s best to have these before or shortly after bringing a cat home. You can be as extravagant as you want after, but these you must have.

Litter Box – Kitty Litter

Any plastic bin that is bigger than your cat can work. It’s cheep and effective. I got two plastic storage boxes at Target for three bucks and dumped the cheapest litter I could find in them. Luckily Cooper Coyote and River Cat don’t mind this set up. I recommend the cheaper the better for your cats toilet so you can spend money on funner objects but if you have the money or your cat is just too catty for a boring box, there are many, many, many more options. We will go over the pros and cons of each style in the Litter Box Section.

Litter Scoop

I think I’ve used a spoon in the past when a cat adopted me on short notice, but please, a slotted, long handled scoop is a much better option. You can get these at dollar stores, markets and pet stores. They are that important. If yours breaks, you’ll be out looking for the closest one.


Food and water bowls.

Scratching pad or post

Your cat is going to scratch. That’s just the nature of a cat. Always have something good to scratch on hand and always move your cat to them the second it scratches something it shouldn’t. My go-to always around is this:

Best Pet Supplies, Inc. Catify Cat Scratcher Pad with Catnip – Narrow (4 Pack)

Yes. I did recommend a 4 pack, but really these are everywhere because you need them so badly. Put them against any doors your cat scratches under, near your couch, anywhere your cat lifts its paws to extend claws! One of these is even featured in the catnip post since dry catnip is usually applied to attract them.

Cat Toys:

Ok, ok, so they don’t really have to have toys but bored cats can be destructive so I highly recommend them. Balls with bells, catnip mice, cat dancers, something to burn off energy and keep your cat strong and active.

Cat Bed:

A spot your cat likes that can be just his spot is more important than what kind of bedding goes in it. An old, soft blanket in the right spot will beat the most expensive bed ever, but someplace has to belong just to your cat. Roommates get their own rooms. Just plan on this. Someplace high is great, or some out of the way corner they can see what’s going on without being in drafts or walkways.


Even the domestic short hair needs a brush now and then to keep fur and skin healthy. Only the hairless sphinx could possibly go without. For cats like Cooper, brushing a few times a day isn’t always enough to keep up so invest in a good set of brushes.

Microchip and ID Tags:

Ok, ok, not really a safety or health must, but really. The amount of pets that go missing every year is astounding. Please microchip and tag your pet. Please.