How in the world do I medicate my cat?

My very most favorite way to get a cat to eat medication is with Pill Pockets.

There are multiple brands of medication pocket treats for pets. We used quite a few of them in the hospital and all I have to say is to stay with Pill Pockets. It’s hard enough to get a cat to eat treats when you want them to and Pill Pockets gave me the least amount of trouble. If you can get your cat to eat these, life becomes ultimately simpler and you can use it for liquid or tablet medications. Medication time becomes treat time.

Liquid Medication:

I made this clip with our office cat back in 2013 when I was learning how to make movies in school to demonstrate how to give liquid medications:

Unfortunately, most cats are not as easy as our Draco man. We often joked that he earned his keep by being the demo cat. He got lots of water through a syringe and lots of Pill Pockets without pills in them to demonstrate proper procedure when medicating cats because he would sit and take it.

More to come – keep posted! If you need help sooner, don’t hesitate to send me an email.

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