Main Litter Box Rules

Litter Box Rule #1: There should be one more box than you have cats.

So, if you have one cat, you need two litter boxes. Two cats need three, three cats need four, etc. They should not be kept in the same area. One upstairs, one downstairs, one in a bathroom, one in a washroom, etc. Especially if your getting a very old or very young cat that can’t hold it well. Having a box easy to get to is always appreciated.

Litter Box Rule #2: It should be clean. Always.

Many problems with cats not using the litter box stem from a dirty box. There are some rare cats that don’t mind filth, but most of them will find somewhere else to go when their potty box gets full. Your bed can become a great big potty box to a particularly grumpy cat. Keep the litter box clean. I scoop two to three times a day and change the litter once a week with a soapy water scrub down if the sides are gross. Do not use chemicals. Cats are hunters with sensitive noses. If their potty box smells like bleach, they may stay far away from it. And make it easy on yourself. Put the box near a trash, keep waste bags on hand to quickly scoop and toss without stinking up the place. Whatever it takes to make it quick and easy will increases the chances that you will actually do it. Make it easy. Get it done.

Litter Box Rule #3: Use litter.

I know, seems logical right? But if you’re broke and take dirt from outside or some other creative place, parasites can enter your lives, first into your cat and then into you. Giardia is on of the things your pet can share with you and though it is very cute under the microscope, having it may make you feel like dying.

Litter Box Rule #4: Make sure it fits your cat.

Ever see a twenty-two pound cat try to use a small litter box? Yah. It doesn’t work well. Small cats can use just about any box but big cats need big boxes. I thought mine were pretty big and Cooper still stands on the side when he does his business. I have to keep his extra clean for this reason.

Litter Box Rule #5: Keep the litter level about 2-3 inches deep.

Deep is actually better but leave plenty of space between the litter and the top of the box so . litter doesn’t end up everywhere. Deep litter is fun to dig in for your cat and, with clumping litter, urine forms a nice ball. This will make cleaning easy and be more comfortable for your cat. Win. Win. Also, when it starts running low and urine starts sticking to the bottom of the box, you know it’s time to dump out the litter and clean the box.

Litter Box Rule #6: Keep it accessible.

Bathrooms are good places for litter boxes but showering or spending long times in the bathroom is going to block off the litter box. If you spend lots of time in the bathroom doing makeup and spraying hairspray, this is not an ideal spot for a litter box. Sensitive noses remember. Keep their stuff away from any sprays or chemicals and loud appliances. Choose a less trafficked but easily accessible room. There are some awesome litter box holders that double as furniture so you can hide in in plain site if needed.