Our Stuff

I was refilling water bowls the other day and realized, the best review comes from actual use. It’s the stuff you use every day and rely on that deserves the best reviews. This is our stuff. We use it daily and rely on it so much we forget to tell people how awesome the things are but they are awesome and keep our house running smooth.



Cat Teaser

Scratching Post


Awesome Broom:

Scratch Pads:

Hand-Me-Down Bowls and Mat

River won’t touch the mat…

Hand-Me-Down Cat Tree


Hand-Me-Down Slicker brush:

For Old Man River, but when Cooper comes for love I grab whatever brush I can to pet and brush all that long fur. This doesn’t touch undercoat but does make Cooper’s top coat shine!


Wish List

There are also a lot of things we wish we had. These are on our list of things we want:

Cat Nip Pillows:

Cat Nip Kicker:

8oz Raised Cat Bowls


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