Brushes and Combs

There are as many kinds of pet brushes as human kinds. If you want a specific recommendation for your pet, make a grooming appointment and ask your groomer. They can be very specific about the brushing needs due to breed, fur coat, etc and if you have a thick fur coat on your pet, finding a groomer is a top priority!

As a vet tech we did a lot of save downs and de-matting but really…. It was a hack job. I warned each and every owner that I wasn’t a groomer but I’d do my best. Functional hairstyles, we vet techs are real good at. Style isn’t our forte. We do live in scrubs and ponytails after all.

Still, we did use the two main types daily plus some wire combs so I can at least get you started.

Long Hair Pet?

This is Coopers brush. The FURminator! It is a specific kind of deshedding brush that I absolutely fell in love with.

 I think every long hair pet should come with one of these. They get mats out fast and get even deep fur, not just the top part like the next brush does. Cooper gets a brush with it daily, sometimes more, and it still gets out a ton of hair that would otherwise be on my furniture or in his gut. Neither of which is a good place for fur.



Cooper loves to have his head brushed. I can lift his chin and brush under his collar and he just looks so content!

Gotta love that Furminator!


If your pet has the long fur, some sort of deshedding tool will be required. They even have gloves! Then you just have to pet and love on your fur kid to get the brushing job done!

Short Hair?


River has a hand-me-down slicker brush so I’m not sure of the brand but it looks like this..




Being a sleek river cat, brushing is not a daily thing with River but it still has to be done to keep him slick and gorgeous.

Caution for you though regarding slicker brushes. It HURTS when you jam those little wire bristles under your fingernail when removing the fur from the bristles. I think I used combs more for cleaning slicker brushes than for mat removal. Ouch!


 This kind of comb was excellent for getting mats out of soft fur and thick fur alike but it did tug on the pets skin something fierce, so caution was needed, especially with really nervous kids. The little blue comb is for tear-stain removal. I didn’t use it. As mentioned, were usually doing shave downs so I just used a beard trimmer to trim off the affected fur.



 If you have need of shavers like we do in our house, get one with a mini friend to help with your pet’s needs. We had a battery operated mini in hospital but it looked like this companion one that is rechargeable. Yay!




So, no matter your fur kid, some grooming will be required. Look at your pet and the selection of brushes at your local pet store or browse for one to match your needs.

Action Photos:








Draco, our mighty office cat, is losing a lot of muscle in his advanced age so the furminator and slicker brush sometimes cause him great discomfort. When grooming seems to hurt more than help, I get the little comb out and brush just his fur, slowly, so I can keep the bristles off of his skin.