Covered Litter Boxes

Covered litter boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They hide messes and contain litter. They are also more private and personal for your cat.

But I heard Covered Boxes Were Bad?

Covered/Uncovered? It’s really more your preference than your cats. They did a study on it! Out of 28 cats, 4 preferred covered and 4 preferred covered. The other 20 cats didn’t care as long as it was cleaned regularly. If you want to read more on the study, head over to PubMed.Gov┬ábut the results were in… Clean you litter box! That’s how you get your cat to use it.

Since you really are also supposed to have a few litter boxes, one of each could work great too. The boys don’t seem to mind.

Cooper played in our covered box when we first got it like it was a sand box not a potty box. It took months before he actually used it as a litter box and then poof, both boys used it without trouble.

NOTE: If you are adding one to your household, DO NOT remove any other ones until you know for sure the covered box it going to be used without issues. Four cats did say they hated covered boxes. You don’t want to find out the hard way that your cat agrees with them.


You really can have a lot of fun with covered boxes. Just look at the options I found!

I think Cooper would absolutely adore a top loader, but I’m concerned Old Man River couldn’t jump up and in. For older pets or weak jumpers, go for something easier to walk into.



Our covered came with a nice little flap door like this one, which may have been why it wasn’t being used. They didn’t recognize it as a litter box at all. Cooper broke the door so… it’s a litter box now…


Hey, a top AND front loader. Now we’re getting fancy. However, if you happen to have one cat that gets picked on by the other… All I can see is one jumping on the other while they are busy. If you’re an only cat home and this suits you, go for it!



Ah, steps to the litter. Fun!

However… I hate round litter boxes, just FYI, since my litter scoop is not round, cleaning is more annoying to me.



I just love these furniture ones and will have to product test one as soon as I can. They look like so much fun!



 This is like my dream right here. You can store everything together and put a soft bed on top or the laundry! I did find some DIY pages that took pre-made things and remade them into litter boxes, which may be easier on your wallet:

DIY Litter Box Furniture Cabinet and Laundry Room Cleanup

In fact, there are a lot of creative people out there hiding litter boxes. If you need some ideas, scurry over to 27 Useful DIY Solutions for Hiding the Litter Box.

But if you just want to drop a lot of cash and be done with it, check out this one!! Do you think they can sleep on it or it will collapse when they jump on top of it?


Now go… be creative!

You should have a pretty good idea of the versatility of the potty box. They don’t have to be the boring boxes of old. Creativity and love of cats has brought us so many more options, and… the more you love it… the more you’re likely to maintain it! That’s why they market to you and not your cat. Keep it clean and your cat should share your joy and poop where they should poop!