Jalousie 27 Pack Hide and Seek


We made our first ever unboxing video for this toy! Even though you can tell it’s our first video and that we have a lot of room to grow, I think it was a good start! River even played with this one!

Coopers Review:

Toys and scratchers and teasers and a box?! This is amazing. The scratcher was a little light for me but I’m used to that by now. I just stand on it before getting a nice, good scratch. I loved the teaser so much I pulled out all the brown feathers but mom took the feathers away. BOO!

There are a few feathers left and the toys are everywhere so I sometimes forget about the box, which is awesome! I really like playing with the box at 3am when everyone is sleeping so mom moves it into the washroom at night. Sometimes I play hide and seek to find the hide and seek box. This is really cool!

River Review:


Mildly entertaining. For about three minutes. What box? I just wanted the feathers but now I’m going to go nap. Keep it down will you? An old man needs his beauty sleep.

My Review:

The idea of combining everything together was very good. I really liked how the package turned right into a hide and seek play center. It was an easy setup though I’m still not sure the cat teaser was supposed to go in it. I think jamming the teaser into the scratchpad in the box really worked out for the boys! I chose this toy mostly to keep Cooper entertained while we were at work, after all. It wasn’t meant to be interactive.

Unfortunately the idea didn’t stand up to a twelve pound Cooper who had the box open within the first few minutes. He sat on it after opening and the whole package smooshed in, but it did bounce back fairly efficiently. I tried taping it closed but Cooper just chewed the tape off and opened it back up! It isn’t sturdy at all once it is open.


But Cooper was having such a good time with it that I couldn’t even get a decent picture! I don’t think it really mattered how sturdy it was. It has given him days of entertainment and is still around.






Even my four-year-old found amusement from playing with the cat teaser. I swear that kid is half Labrador retriever, so if you have dogs, beware. They might wreck it before your cats do!

So yah, good ratings for this product. I think it would be a good addition to any house with a rambunctious cat. Don’t expect the box to last but you’ll still have a bag of toys to play with for months!!!




Overall Rating:

Copper: One paw up!

River: A yawn…

4 Year-Old: One foot up.

Vet Tech: Watch the feathers, otherwise one hand up. I’m not a fan of feathers….

April 2019 update:

  • LeeLoo Dallas: Hey, I just got here. I just wanted it because Cooper had it but it has potential. Especially as a royal bed. It’s been broken in just enough.

  • Vet Tech: Actually, this was amazing to help along with introductions. It was just enough of a distraction that LeeLoo and Cooper played ‘together-apart’ and had positive experiences together. That’s the best way to forge friendships. Fun distraction.
  • Cooper: It smells like LeeLoo! MMMMMmmmm. Oh, and Mom keeps putting catnip on it to keep me distracted… Mmmm… Catnip