Kitty City Catnip Corrugate Scratcher

Due to how broke we were for Christmas 2018, the boys only got a few scratchers and some taco fish. Despite the meager offerings…. Christmas morning came and some-kitty or another had opened their presents before we woke up!!! What?! So I cleaned up the wrapper mess and added the catnip and went on about Christmas morning with my family and then we noticed Cooper acting… odd….


I think Cooper liked the nip a bit too much. River? He uses the scratchers but apparently the ‘nip’ is a kitten game. He isn’t interested in such nonsense.

Fun note about the music for the clip thought. Cooper picked it out. I was listening to clip after clip with the boys sleeping nearby and boo! No music fit. Then I came across this clip. ‘Perrrow.’ Copper said and pattered over to look at my laptop. He even flattened his ears when the song was over!

Quite the music critic that one…