PARTYSAVING PET Palace Cat Claw Scratching

Do you see the cat in this picture? Ya… that’s proper sizing. We got the wrong size for King Cooper!


Cooper still uses it, though I’ve never seen River anywhere near it. It’s odd to watch my big cat use this tiny thing. There is a 32 incher for twice the price. I’d try that if you have a Cooper Coyote in your house and not a little kid. That mouse? I think it lasted 3 seconds. It’s gone.

Too big!

Retired from Our Stuff:

Despite it being small. Despite Cooper outweighing it…. Cooper used it for a long, long time. Unfortunately the kids started using it too, as a chair! It wasn’t big enough for Cooper, let alone the kids.

It broke. It was sad. There is now a gap in our home. At least the cat tree is still around.