SmartyKat Silvervine and Catnip

I needed some more catnip and ran across this product that claims to be ‘More potent than Catnip alone’ since it added Silver Vine. I was like, “What the heck is Silver Vine?!” But it did give 100% satisfaction guarantee and promises to attract cats like a magnet. It also said it was “For stimulation: One of your cats 10 needs.” Intrigued I bought it and did some research.

Silvervine (Actinidia polygama or matatabi):

A species of kiwi that grows in the mountains of China and Japan. It isn’t native to the US, though it was introduced in New York, so they can accurately call it a rare and exotic plant. It’s just hard for me to think of something I can buy on Amazon as being rare or exotic. I’m just spoiled I guess.

It’s a busy little plant, being used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine to help hypertension, arthritis pain, cystitis, lowering cholesterol, rheumatism, stroke, kidney disease and circulation stimulant.

And I’m using it to play with my cats… Hmmm… They do use it for cats too, just like I’m about to, and say it will sometimes even get the old cats like River interested and have euphoric response for up to 30 minutes at which time their cats come back for more.

Every site I found said it was non-toxic, but the ASPCA called it Silver Pink Vine. Still, I feel confident enough to try it out.

Read the Bag!

I just have to point out the bag this product came in.

Packaging is normally just packaging but this one is a little different. It lists the 10 needs of your cat and then says what role their product fills in those needs, which are listed as….

  1. Independence
  2. Exercise
  3. Scratch
  4. Stimulation
  5. Privacy
  6. Explore
  7. Hunt
  8. Care
  9. Interaction
  10. Comfort

According to the bag:

“Stimulation is essential for cat’s mental and physical health. Catnip, a natural and non-addictive herb, sparks a stimulating burst of energy followed by blissful relaxation in most cats. This blend helps meet cat’s needs for stimulation.”

Information on pet care? It’s right there on the bag! Lessons and toys at the same time? Good job SmartyKat. I might look into your other things just to see what they say.



Being listed as a stimulant I would not recommend this product for any pets with hypertension (high blood pressure), pets that need to rest or pets that are currently ill without first discussing it with your veterinarian.

Even for healthy cats I’d only recommend this as an occasional fun. Thirty minutes of crazy time is OK, but a feline needs it’s beauty sleep as well, so let’s not overdo a good thing.

Other than that, enjoy!

Old Man River:

Meh, you can put whatever you want in it. I’m still not interested.

Cooper Coyote:

I love CatNip so I can’t tell you if the added, whatever that plant was, is good. I will eat it. I will roll in it. I will run around the house like a crazy man. Now, please excuse me. I’m hunting fairies!

Update: 4/1/19 And now, temporary Toy Tester

LeeLoo Dallas!

It is really scary being bounced from shelters to fosters to pet stores. Even in a home I was scared and unsure about everything. The only time I felt good that first day on the job was when some cat nip was put on my scratch pad.

I rolled and rolled and then slept on it. Being new is so hard. Thank you SmartyKat for giving me a moment of happiness and a good nap.