Sojos Natural Freeze-Dried Cat Meat Treats

Now… if I had read the bag before I purchased it, I probably never would have purchased it. It does say RAW right on the front and ‘wash your hands after use’ on the back. Are you kidding me? Do you seriously want me to feed my cat something I have to wash my hands after touching? That doesn’t sound like a very safe product to me.

The folks at Tufts agree with me:

“TRUTH: Most of the bacteria found in raw meat diets can survive freezing (and freeze-drying).”

The article this quote came from is also a good read. If you are on the fence about starting a raw diet with your pet or have concerns about a raw diet, go there. See if it will help with your decision.

Vet Tech Review:

I was very excited about this product (too excited to read the bag it would seem) because liver is a very nutritionally dense. It is listed as a super-food because it has so many vitamins and minerals in it. Plus it was venison, which is one of the few proteins my old man River cat can eat without intestinal retaliation. It was perfect for us. Too bad I have to be a Vet Tech who has seen one too many sick dogs on raw diets… sigh.. If you have immune compromised pets, please speak with your veterinarian before trying raw anything in your pet’s diet.

Cooper Review:

More please! Pretty please?!

I don’t know or care what salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria or Clostridium are. I would eat the whole bag if mom wouldn’t hide it from me. I’m all about the venison liver. Nummy! Nummy! Nummy!

River’s Review:

This is all River had to say. You can see it in his eyes can’t you? This is from a boy who used to hunt and eat rats for a living! A boy who vacuums across the carpet to see if the kids might have just dropped something tasty. That’s a pretty bad review!

Really bad….

LeeLoo April Update:

I wouldn’t even get in the same frame as this treat and I like the harder treats! Boo! Princess needs… no deserves better. Next please.

Review Results:

  • 1 Cooper paw up no two paws, and a tail… just give me the bag please!!!
  • A River shun
  • LeeLoo shun
  • Vet Tech shun

3 out of 4 disliked it so yay! I don’t have to buy it again!

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