Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s the holiday of love. Show your pet how much you care by keeping them safe and sound while you shower them with all the love in your heart!

Holidays are very busy times at your veterinarian’s office and the surrounding Emergency Centers. Give them a break this holiday by taking a few extra steps to make sure your pets enjoys the holiday love right along with you.

No Chocolate:

We all know this one, but sometimes when we get excited we leave it in reach of our pets. So find a nice, high place to put all your fun chocolate to keep it out of your pet’s reach. If you have sneaky cupboard openers, get creative in locking this stuff up.



No to All Candy:

Xylitol is toxic. Sugar will make them hyper and give them diarrhea. And the wrappers? They can block up the digestive system so bad we have to go in surgically after them. Just say no to human food, especially human treats. There are plenty of pet treats on the market. Don’t share yours.


Use Caution with all Flowers:

We of the vet world try to keep up on all the toxic plants, but we are not botanists so just be safe. If your pet seems interested in any plant or flower you bring home, keep it far away from them.


Lilies are toxic to your pets. Just say no to lilies in the house or hang them out of reach. If you love lilies and cats, get a big picture of a lily so you can always have one near, but keep your pets away from live plants!





Roses might not be toxic, but thorns still hurt when you chew on them and it may cause stomach upset. Just say no to flowers and pets.




Romantic Candle Light Dinner?

Caffeine and alcohol are very good this time of year, but keep the bubbly away from your pet. The romance quickly flees from any dinner where you end up at the ER.


The flicker of fire and the dancing flame is so very attractive to your pets. Use LED candles instead of fire for candlelight. The fire marshal will thank you and your pets will thank you.



The dinner itself could be hazardous to your pet. Pets are very opportunistic and will grab anything that looks tasty, so be on guard. We have removed a steak skewer from the stomach of a very sick pup. Fatty meals like a that big fat steak or slice of ham can cause Pancreatitis, which is no fun at all. Garlic and Onions are toxic as well as many other ingredients we humans like, so don’t share with your pet.


This dinner is meant for you and your partner. Find a safe room (do you still have your welcome room?) for your pet to hang out in that is far away from the elegant dinner and candlelight. Everyone will be happier and you can have some special time with your pet later.


At least, not surprise ones. If you want to give a pet to someone, take them to a shelter or adoption event and let them pick out their new friend. Don’t be like me when I was six and got a free puppy for my aunt because they said it would stay small and it turned into a crazy horse and destroyed all her things. Gift certificates if you must but please, please, please don’t surprise anyone with a living creature! The shelters are full of these kind of gifts and it is no fun for anyone. Just don’t do it.

Most important… Enjoy yourself!

Holidays are for happiness. If you are like me and suffer depression during them, remember that’s what pets are for. They are our love and support. Use this holiday to express love and appreciation for all the supporters in your life. That special someone will come, but most likely not today so try to relax and enjoy. There is plenty of love to go around.