LeeLoo Dallas – Day 1: First Introductions


Introducing River the baby kitten to a new home when the landlord tried to kick us out was the easiest introduction ever! River laid in my lap, the dogs rushed up to say hi, River hissed, I shooshed him and kept him from swatting the dog and River was like. “Ok… Guess I’m a dog.” And lived there for many, many happy years. River was too much cat for one family, so he was a two family cat… sometimes even three or four when he’d go to the neighbors for more food.

River and Coopers first introduction could have gone smoother. River did his one hiss, 4-year-old human boy thought it was hilarious and started hissing as well. Cooper hissed, river hissed, human hissed! Chaos! River went right back to his welcome room to play footsie for a few days. Eventually they got along.

With LeeLoo coming. I can show you step by step how I introduce her to Cooper to hopefully make an even stronger bond than Cooper had with River. It’s easier to relate to someone your own age after all, then again… It’s easier to fight with them as well so we will take every precaution to make it an uneventful time, especially since she will only be two days post spay. The new girl is in for a lot of pampering before we get to the big introductions!

Thursday March 28th

Surprise! Leeloo came home early! I picked her up at Petsmart at 4:30pm. She was understandably nervous and was hiding in the back of her carrier, snubbing the wet food they put out for her. Getting fosters to eat seems to be a hard thing. There is just so much moving around! What’s a young cat to think?!

Petsmart gave me a free bag of Authority cat food and a pamphlet of coupons in hopes I come back to them for all her supplies. Thank you Pet Samaritan and Petsmart!

I took her right to the doc for a Leukemia/Aids/HW test and all were negative!

Doc thinks she is younger than two, probably more like one, but he put two on her chart anyway, assuming they know something we don’t. Cooper came in at 9 pounds last year and she is 8.5#. How interesting… Cooper and LeeLoo had their first text conversation. It went like this:

I’m napping kid, shush.





Just wait till I get home!
I’ll be waiting right here…

Apparently LeeLoo was offended by this.¬†Cooper was very happy to see LeeLoo when she got home but she wasn’t too happy to have a big, curious tom in her face.

Still, she’s quite relaxed and does like the venison crunchies she got from Coops. She took a walk around the living room with tail twitching with curiosity and then retired to her Welcome Room for some sleep.

Goodnight sweet LeeLoo. We will see you in the morning!

Day 2