LeeLoo Dallas – Day 2: Ouch! Go away!

I don’t think LeeLoo can read. She definitely didn’t get the memo that new Toy Testers should not yell at the head Toy Tester! She also missed the bit on the job specifications. She is not BIG. She is eight and a half pounds! And she totally skipped the rule-

“Cooper wants to play… always. You will have to put up with him, and perhaps teach him a thing or two about safe wrestling.”

In fact. I don’t think she read the job description at all. I think someone else might have filled out her job application. FRAUD!

Cooper was just playing with his teaser, minding his own business when he saw her sitting safely in my lap. He came to investigate and she called him every swear word in the kitty dictionary! Oh my! Cooper sat and tilted his ear back like, “What I do?” Then he went back to playing. I’m impressed Coop. That was a very nice way to treat someone who was bad talking you!

Truthfully speaking, I think she just hurts and is nervous in the new environment. She had a cheep spay, courtesy of a Best Friends voucher. The incision is beautiful and so small! No sutures, just skin glue. They even even tattooed her so it’s easy to tell she’s been spayed, but they sent her with no take home medications. No antibiotics for infection. No pain medications. Just like with human labor really. You don’t technically NEED pain meds or antibiotics, but they sure make life better.

She started out strong and confident, but late afternoon she got soooo sleepy. Her eyes were tight and she complained when you picked her up. If she isn’t improved tomorrow… I’m going back to work for meds. Poor girl. Her insides must feel horrible.

There is one thing LeeLoo excels at. Purring. Man she has the best purr in her! So loud too. It was echoing in the under sink den we made for her! She loves attention and even blocked my daughter from getting our of the bathroom so she could get some attention. LeeLoo has the house. She has the kids on her side…. The only thing holding her back now is liking Cooper.

But no rush. Some cats take weeks or years to get along. Her working interview is thirty days. I say two weeks to settle and heal and then she’ll be more receptive to living with a big male.

The only thing important now, is to get her healed and happy.

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