LeeLoo Dallas – Day 4: Exploration

I left her door open but a crack and out she came! Yay!

She said hi to Yumiko the Chinchilla…

She checked out all the toys.

Napped on the couch.

And then ran into Cooper.

Little bit at a time…

I never thought I’d say this, but Cooper is really smart. Yesterday he was just walking away from her if she hissed. Today he crept forward until she hissed and then he laid down until she was calm again. Then he’d inch forward. Hiss. Lay down. Calm. He got pretty close before she gave up the game but LeeLoo needs a rest anyway.

She’s getting a little bruising around her incision. Rest is definitely in order.

But luckily…

She ate more food! That will help her recovery. Rest and eat LeeLoo. We will check on you after River’s remembrance dinner.

Cooper is so stressed about LeeLoo swearing at him that he is losing his whiskers!

He really feels left out even though I try to shower him with attention. LeeLoo is getting along so well with everyone else.

I may have to get her ears checked when I work Thursday. Itch. Itch. Itch! That right ear was bothering her enough for her to itch my hand for me but it really looked like a clean and healthy ear. Maybe she just was unused to such attentions?

Day # 5