LeeLoo Dallas – Day 5: Unsettled

When I check on LeeLoo this morning she was right out that door! Lucky Cooper was upstairs playing this morning so I had closed the basement door. She got a good exploration time while I got ready and then Cooper started mewing to remind me it was breakfast time.

Just hearing him talk started her swearing so I put her back in her room. “Good girls play outside,” I told her. “Hissy girls stay in the bathroom!” and went to get Cooper breakfast.

Shaun came to check on LeeLoo and Cooper poked his head in the door to say hi. Apparently she was much more interesting than Cooper’s breakfast! LeeLoo swore at him, but didn’t get up or raise her hackles even though they were only about a foot apart, by far the closest the two have ever been!

Friendship Takes Time.

Everyone in the house is starting to get concerned. It’s Cooper’s house. They know I won’t hire LeeLoo if she can’t get along with Cooper and everyone really loves LeeLoo!

I am not concerned. Friendship takes time. LeeLoo has been bounced from homes and shelters. She was recently surgeriezed and taken to, what probably seems to her like a whole new world! A bigger world with toys and humans that pet her all the time! She doesn’t want to share all that with Cooper! But I think as soon as she heals up and has more experience with us, she will see that there is plenty to go around and that Cooper is no threat to her.

Someone opened her door and let her out without supervision around Cooper. My daughter caught it on film. Cooper was still the gentlemen and just hung out by LeeLoo and she stared back, head low and aggressive but ears up and tail relaxed and no hissing… Hmmm…

I came down and took LeeLoo out of her defensive posture and took her to the couch to sit on me.

She liked that. Her purr box is still out of order but she did relax a bit and stretch. She has remarkably shown no attitude whatsoever unless it’s to Cooper. She just seems kind of empty or curious. I can’t really read what she likes or doesn’t like, which only proves how unsettled she is. Poor Girl.

I still have to clean her litterbox so she is eating and drinking enough… I’d still like to see a better appetite on her. That should get the bounce back in her step. I take every opportunity to encourage eating.She will look at the food and investigate it, then just turn her princess nose away.

LeeLoo took a turn on Shaun.

When he had to get up and set her down, she just stayed like that.

A beautiful lump.

She doesn’t even groom herself. She just seems… empty. Is there a cat in there?

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