LeeLoo Dallas – Day 7: Trouble

LeeLoo is feeling a little better, which is bad news for Cooper. She came right out this morning, walked right into my daughters tent and turned into a psycho-cat if Cooper came within two feet of her. No. Not just swearwords. There was hissing, growling and spitting as well. Luckily for me, she doesn’t know how to back these up yet. When I picked her up to put her back into her room to cool off she was a total lump, even though she continued spitting obscenities long after I closed her door.

Oh My!

I consoled Cooper and took him in for breakfast. He had a few licks of his morning mush but mostly just wanted attention, which I happily provided as I got some coffee and prepared for work. Once finished with Cooper Care, I closed his door and opened LeeLoo’s. The girl needs exercise. She can’t stay locked up all the time even if she is a bad cat!

She said hello to me and then went to lump by my sleeping toddler. She got an unpleasant surprise when he lifted his leg over her and then drug it back under her!

She rolled with it like a pro and then looked at me like… “WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED!!!”

So I went and laid with her. She calmed and got comfy with me.

The rest of the house woke and Cooper’s door was opened but still LeeLoo laid with me until Coop was two feet away. She had a soft growl but stopped when I said NO. We got a good little time in before NO had no effect, so it was back into her room. Her welcome room is rapidly becoming a time out room, to calm and collect herself.

I hope they play footsy under the door while I am gone and are better friends when we return. It is a gymnastics/dance night so they will be down there by themselves till dark.

Little LeeLoo. This is why you came. Cooper needs a friend and co-worker. Please get along.

Ask Google!

Psss, the thing I learned most after more than eleven years in the veterinary profession? There are a lot smarter people than me in the world. So I have absolutely no hesitation about checking around the internet to see what works for others. Perhaps LeeLoo needs just the right momentum to push her onto Coop’s side. Here were some advice I found:

  • Feliway. Really? I forgot about Feliway? It works so well in hospital. I’ve got to try it at home!

  • One recommendation was to put tuna juice on the cat’s heads. To give them some stimulation that was not aggression related and encourage grooming so they can get to the smelly numminess! I’ve been hesitant about all food based introductions because LeeLoo has such a small desire for food. It isn’t the drive like it would be for Cooper. LeeLoo wouldn’t need anything on her head for Coop to groom her! Perhaps though, it would make them smell the same. I definitely need to think on this one. Cat’s are very smell driven and having Coop smell like her wouldn’t be a bad thing. Though, maybe use canned cat food or the feliway to do that… Hmmmm.
  • Don’t let them be bored! Give LeeLoo a game or something so she’s not so focused on swearing all the time. This is a great idea, but Princess lump has yet to care about toys and doesn’t really seem to understand what play is…. Poor girl. I really think she has been kenneled more than is good for her. The little ones need a lot of socializing and experiences to help them be calm, confident adults. Don’t get me wrong. I love shelters and fosters! They did what they had to, to keep her alive and get her in a home! Thank you and great job!


Wednesdays are notoriously bad in our house. Monday is nothing really. It’s Wednesday when we have to work and then rush to dance and gymnastics with the kids. It’s hectic and stressful, especially since kids just aren’t very fast when you need them to be. Because it was Wednesday, I just expected it to be a powder cake when I got home but no. LeeLoo was peacefully napping in Shaun’s lap while he studied.¬†

She was sleepily watching the room around her until the kids came down and then she was more alert, but still purring. Yay! Purr Box back on! Not up to the first day echoing grandness, but a purr none the less. Shaun’s leg was going to sleep so he transferred LeeLoo to my lap. The lump didn’t mind the transfer. She put her toes up, so I rubbed them.

Now… If this was Cooper and I rubbed his toes… Them’s FIGHTING WORDS! LeeLoo? she stretched her toes wide and just let me rub them, foot high in the air, so I massaged her left leg. Some muscle there now, with a big knot in it.¬†Ouch! She kept her leg high and let me rub, rub, rub.

When she put the left leg down, I rubbed her right toes, up that leg went, straight so I massaged right leg too. Ugh! More muscle there, but so tight! Like our legs after a long run where the calf muscle just stays flexed. This is when the kids noticed what I was up to and ran right over to help.

It’s always nice to get help from Belle and the Hulk when doing things. My princess and HULK SMASH boy are willing to do anything to help LeeLoo and she didn’t mind the attention one bit. I can’t help but note the similarities.

Cooper loves Ronin’s Spiderman tent and acts a lot like my crazy, energetic boy that only seeks attention a few times a day.

LeeLoo loves Lilith’s princess tent and acts like a princess just waiting to be lavished with affection. Constant attention please!

Sleep easy Princess LeeLoo. One more crazy day (with a trip to the vet) and then the week will calm down.

Day 8