LeeLoo Dallas – Day 11: Push for Friendship

It was a nice, calm night last night with no arguments. Cooper slept in his chair all night while LeeLoo moved to the couch to sleep on the pillow we do PROM on. They were peaceful and relaxed. It was nice.

Cooper was all ready for 6am breakfast and followed me right in. He even jumped on his litter box to get a better view of me getting breakfast together. LeeLoo wasn’t sure about the whole, get off the couch just because the clock said 6am thing. She definitely wasn’t sure about the stupid gabapentin.

Food wasn’t super important so she curled up under the sink to relax. She doesn’t like the recovery as well as she liked the A/D. She definitely doesn’t like soup (I put a little more water in the wet than normal).

Cooper, the gentlemen, offered to finish her meal to get it out of her face. Ha ha ha. The second dinners are starting to show on his midriff.

Not that you can tell, he moves too much!

It is really meaning to be spring here in Utah.

And just look how well the catnip survived winter!

LeeLoo is going to find out what fresh catnip is like soon I think. Too bad I had to work or she’d have had some today. Sill, if I have to work on Sunday, at least it’s at the hospital!

I did do PROM when I got off shift but it was after 9pm and so much needed to be done that there was no pictures or cuddles with LeeLoo. She was very unhappy with me after the range of motion that she didn’t even sit still for massage long but Shaun actually got her to play!

I was just as excited as Cooper who jumped in to play too. I caught Coop as fast as I could and ran him to the other half of the room and played with him over there… separate and yet not alone. My kids got excited too and even played with Cooper. Awesome.

LeeLoo was jumping, but I didn’t get to see it so we’ll try to reenact the fun when I have more time… I wonder when that will be….

Keep up the healing LeeLoo girl!

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