LeeLoo Dallas – Day 12: Uneasy Truce

Monday April 8th – Beauty and the Beast were out together all night…

There was a lot of growling in the night, but no hisses or fights. LeeLoo woke me at 2am trying to go upstairs. Silly cat. We are all basement dwellers here, so I took her to bed with me. Assuming we were off for more range of motion, LeeLoo protested the move until the forced cuddles commenced. That’s the price of waking me up darling.

LeeLoo only stayed with me a bit before walking over just a bit to sleep near my little boy. In just a moment I had a little boy, a big girl and a cat all sleeping on me. Some nights are so great… but really ruin mornings. My alarm went off. I woke up. But I didn’t move. Not one little bit. Where’s my River cat to force me out of bed? He never would have let me get away with that nonsense.

After quite awhile, LeeLoo piped up. LeeLoo? I got up to investigate the tiny mew, since it’s not really like her. I mean… unless she wants out and she didn’t want out. She was just sitting primly in the middle of the room and definitely not where I left her. Hmmm. Is the lump turning into a cat?

Anyway, I got up, got dressed and got the food supplies out. Both cats came in the room! Both of them?! There was a little trouble, but the two seemed to have forged a cease fire agreement in the night so I got the recovery ready for LeeLoo and the Venison ready for Cooper. Both cats ran to their bowl, ate just a tiny bit and then ran back out to stare at me…


LeeLoo walked right passed Cooper, tail in the air.

What?! What???

They were starting to act real cute together…

But then the claws came out.

Sigh… LeeLoo can be feisty!

It was only one swat and easily distracted. Still, LeeLoo refused to go into the bathroom for the day. Her incision is just about healed and she really is doing better with Cooper so I left the door open…

And worried about it all the long work day…. sigh…

Be good kids… You really do need each other.

They Survived!

LeeLoo has picked an under bed spot. Yay for a new spot but boo for I couldn’t check her out last night. With her running and playing I didn’t think she needed PROM or gaba so I just let her rest.

After mucking out the flower beds and mowing… I really just wanted to sleep.

Day 13

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