LeeLoo Dallas – Day 13: Playing Alone Together

Tuesday April 9th:

They have definitely come to the toddler stage of introductions. If any of you have young human children that are just starting to play with other kids you know sharing does NOT go well. There’s just fighting and mine, Mine, MINE!!! Total chaos.

But… If you can get them playing with their own things side by side, then they get to have fun without so much screaming and get used to companionship. So I added SmartyKat Catnip to two toys and set them at different ends of the same room.

Turbo Scratcher for LeeLoo. Hide and Seek for Cooper.

LeeLoo was rolling the ball, rolling in catnip and scratching, scratching, scratching while Cooper dug for venison snacks and jumped for the feather.

Success! Playing together!

Cooper heard the LeeLoo’s ball and got very interested. There was a little hissing, easily stopped, and then they switched places.

Introductions are moving along splendidly!

Even second hand, mashed and abused. LeeLoo liked the Hide and Seek toy.

It seems to make a great bed!

Now I’m much more comfortable leaving them out together. Of course, my human boy is sick today so Shaun will be home with him to watch out for everyone. I hear Cooper and my boy are having fun playing together.

You know… The kids never played with Cooper until LeeLoo came. How odd, but definitely how you muscle your way into a new position, bring everyone together.

Keep it up LeeLoo and you’re hired.

One Less Thing

The skin is all but closed. Just one little scab left with the fading tattoo. Her hair is even started to come back. I’m officially unconcerned with her belly, though she loves to roll over and show it to me so I can continue to watch out for her.

While I worked, Shaun tried hard to get me a picture of her playing.

But she would stop playing whenever he tried. The red bell ball did have her attention, which caught Coopers attention.


Don’t I just make you want this awesome toy? Man. She is good looking.

My boy was diagnosed with viral upper respiratory with an eye infection so it will be my turn to stay home with him tomorrow. Oh… Darn… Free cuddles and no work?

Day 14