Grreat Choice Step-In Cuddler Scratcher

I usually get my single wide cat scratchers at Target since that’s the cheapest place I know of, but I guess everyone was getting their cat one for Easter because Target was completely out! I checked around at different stores and they were running 10$ a piece. UGH!!! At Petsmart I found a cat cuddler-scratcher that was almost reasonably priced so I grabbed it and went home to set it up.

I always lose the catnip that comes with scratchers and I’ve two cats now that like them so I thought, what the hay? I’ll just put it all out.

Neither cat cared…

I waited…

and waited…

And then I had a thought. This catnip looks a little like the cardboard it’s in. Maybe if I put some of our catnip on it I can do a color comparison to show the difference. So I put a little pile down, set the bag next to the new pile, got my camera and…

There was a Cooper cat in my way. Sure enough… his new companion wasn’t far behind.

There was even a tiff over the thing.

I took LeeLoo away and put her on the turbo scratcher with her own pile of good catnip and she rolled appreciatively.

While still keeping her eye on the new cuddler.

Eventually Cooper tired of the thing (he’s got a 2-year old attention span after all), LeeLoo ran right over.

But I think it was just the catnip and the fact that Cooper loved the thing. I’ve only seen Cooper in it since this picture. Cooper naps in the thing.

After the commotion, I finally got my comparison picture, only a little worse for wear.

So the scratcher was welcomed into Coopers life, but the catnip that came with it is junk. I wonder if it was fresh when it was packaged but just sat at a warehouse too long. It’s not like scratchers have expiration dates, so find a brand of catnip you and your cat like and just use that for all the new scratchers.