Pet Greens Live Catnip

I purchased living Pet Greens Catnip while I was at PetCo because it is a pretty little plant and I have my mind set on making a cat product of my own that requires live catnip, but if I can’t keep it alive, then I’ll never get my own products out there!



The boys weren’t terribly interested in live catnip. It seems Cooper prefers it dried!  From lack of use, my catnip quickly outgrew it’s little pot and was threatening to take over the window so I planted it outside. It is considered a weed to some so I will have to watch it. I planted it where it would make a nice hedge so it has room to spread out, without becoming obnoxious. If it gets out of hand I will cut it back and bring the clippings to work and share the bounty.

Update: 8/12/18

Almost one year later, just look at this monster!

Update: 7/4/19

It’s taller than my nine-year-old!

That’s far too much for two cats. That was one good purchase! Time to start learning how to dry it, so stay tuned for some options.

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