Cooper and LeeLoo Food

Many things have had to change around here now that River Cat has gone. Today, another change came. A food change. LeeLoo came with Authority, which isn’t sold at my go to stores Amazon or Petco and Cooper still eats Natural Balance Venison, which is on the high end of cost because it’s a specialty protein that did wonders for River’s poor guts.

Cooper hasn’t been so excited about his venison crunchies since River left and LeeLoo seems like more of a chicken girl anyway, so I thought it was time for a change. I searched around and ordered something they could share:

It’s Hills, which makes me happy, and it was made for different body styles. LeeLoo is so much more light of frame than my big boy Cooper so they definitely fit the purpose. This food has lots of things LeeLoo will need to gain lean muscle and replace lost nutrients from when she wasn’t eating and will hopefully keep Cooper from getting any bigger around the midsection.

They have already been eating 0.75oz Hills wet food with Liver and Chicken twice a day. It wasn’t their favorite at first but now they twirl around my legs, begging for me to hurry. It really has made LeeLoo shine! Cooper has lost weight, but I’m pretty sure it’s from chasing LeeLoo around…



How to Change your Pets Food.

Changing food doesn’t stop with finding the right replacement. No. No. You have to slowly add the new food in so as not to upset the delicate balance of your pets digestive track. You do a quick change, it may make them sick. If the new food makes them sick, they won’t want to eat it and you get stuck in a cycle of changing foods every few weeks while your pet gets pickier and picker. BBBOOO! Just say no!

With most pets you just add a few kibbles of the new food to the old food to start and then slowly add more new food and less old food over one or two weeks until only the new food is being offered.

Most Pets.

Not my pets.

My pets are like the children that scream and cry when their veggies touch their spaghetti. Cooper just glares at me like, “You expect me to eat chicken and venison at the same time?!?!?!”


So today I gave them their usual foods at the usual time and the usual quantities. When I got home from work I put a little bowl of Hills out in the front room, group territory, then sat back and watched.

LeeLoo was first to the bowl and then Cooper came and pushed her out! BAD COOPER!

LeeLoo defended her place, scaring Cooper off, but then lost interest and wandered off.

Pet me. Please.

Cooper took that as his queue and ran in to eat some more, while LeeLoo napped.

Yum!! Food!

Different Kibble Sizes and Colors

The first thing I noticed when I opened the food is the large, star like kibble that is very much different than the little disks of the other diets we have in this house.

Yes. Currently we have four diets here. The plan is to whittle them down to only one as they run out. Until then…

On top is the new Hills diet. Bottom right is LeeLoo’s Authority. Middle is Coopers Natural Balance and the far left is the W/D River was on in his last days. This is no little change!

Out of curiosity I let cooper at the little piles to see which he would go to first. He went straight for his Venison and ate one kibble. Then he ate the Hills, stepping on the others to mix them up so I’ve no idea which he ate after that.

I guess I should just throw all the diets on the ground and let him pick them up one at a time… Sigh.

More please? Man… He’s sure getting a wild look about him… isn’t he?

Such a gorgeous boy…

Due to the stress of life currently: two jobs, two kids, my family and trying to run this web page, shopping for things has quite fallen off my to do list. Luckily, PetCo will auto ship it for me as part of their repeat delivery option. This way, food just shows up on schedule and I don’t have to worry about it.


Petco isn’t always particular about their packaging, but they always deliver and the cans are always in good shape, just not in good order as my inner OCD would prefer.