Spring Fun

Oh. It’s spring?!

Did you notice? Has the weather where you are gotten any milder? If so, check out Spring Cautions, Learn a little about Fox Tails and then get outside in the glorious sunshine and play!

Just like all your other friends and family members, your pets want some guaranteed time as well. Why not make a spring date with your pet that continues all year? Whichever part of the week is a slow time for you, set aside at least an hour of play time reserved for just you and your pal. Don’t know what to do to play with your pet for an extended period of time?

Dogs are real easy in this category.

Go for a walk or a nice sunny picnic at a dog friendly park.

Go for a hike.

Boating, biking or swimming?

Take an obedience refresher course so your pup will be welcome wherever you choose to go.

Need to get away from it all? Find a pet friendly hotel and run away with them… for a little while.

Check out all the dog friendly cafes and eat in the sun.

Work out or do puppy yoga? Yes. It’s a thing.

Throw a puppy party and invite all the doggy friends over for a backyard romp in the sprinklers… whatever. Dogs are usually down with it after they understand the game but it might take some creativity depending on your dog and your location.


Check out the toys man! Some of these can be hugely interactive and leave you laughing and your cat jumping high!

Watch a movie together.

Unless you live with a Siamese, Bengal or other talkative breed, there will be much less distraction than with some humans. Heck, bring a brush and some baby wipes and have a little spa day for your cat right there in front of the TV. Not all cats appreciate spa days, but for those that do, this is an excellent bonding time.

Get a box, or two and add a few paper bags for good measure. Make a maze of them. Hide treats and toys. Join in the fun!

Go outside for a walk.

What? Cat’s go for walks too you know?

Granted most of them just lay down when you put a leash on them, but if you are a bit more stubborn than your cat, it will work. If it doesn’t you can just go sit out on the lawn with them on leash and watch the clouds go by.

Afraid for your cats outside? A friend from Pet Samaritan recommended a chicken coop for safe outdoor adventuring! Two cats? Get one big enough for two chickens. A cat = a chicken I guess… well… Maybe it depends on the cat!

She recommended visiting your local IFA. Sometimes they have the coops all set up so you know what size you need. It would be a nice bit of fresh air and fun for your cats to be a part of your backyard celebrations! I take Cooper out on a harness to walk in the grass, but I bet he’d love laying in the sun and chasing flies at his leisure.

Just Do It

The only way to see what you and your pet will enjoy most is by trying it! Be stubborn. Be bold! You will find something that you both enjoy so much that you’ll look forward to your weekly dates as much as your pets do!