Kitty Poo Cooper Loves You!

I’ve been holding off on a review since LeeLoo is very hesitant to put her paws on the new silicone litter. It is quite a bit noisier than the clay she is used to and it shifts under their feet when they stand on it, which brings up an excellent point.

When trying a new litter and/or litter box:


If you take away what they trust and understand, you may create a problem with litter box avoidance, and your cat will start urinating and defecating in inappropriate spaces! Save your cat a scolding for pooping on your bed and set them up for success. Go slow. As with most changes, you have to out stubborn your cat to see what they really like.

We have three litter boxes about our basement. I chose the community box to mess with since they still have their tried and true backups. I didn’t actually remove it either, just set it in a different spot before bringing in the Kitty Poo box.

When I set the box down and started cutting it open, both cats ran in to see what in the world they get now.

Cooper posed quite nicely with the box for promotion sake. He rubbed and loved and chewed on the box in heaven. He even helped me set it up!


But when it came to actually using it, both cats really didn’t understand that it was, in fact, a potty box. It was just a box with noisy stuff in it. We do have a lot of that in our house because of all the stuff we order online, and none of it is that is their potty box, so I wasn’t too surprised.

What is it?


Leeloo: this is dumb. I’m out. Cooper: But it’s a box! Just knock it over and…


Wala!! Perfect box to sit in.

I did set them both in it and dug with their paws. Cooper thought I was crazy and LeeLoo’s eyes opened wide as she sunk in the litter and she scrambled madly to get out.


Per the Kitty Poo instructions, I added their normal litter on top…

Okay, this is not what Kitty Poo meant, I was just showing size difference and trying to get them to associate the new box as a potty box.

But that didn’t seem to change their idea of the box so added their litter on the silicone litter and just left it with them overnight.

Day 2 the box was untouched. So I dropped a bit of feces from their normal litter box in it, just to show them what was up.

Cooper caught on Day 3 or 4 and used it exclusively for urinating it, but now I think he quite prefers the silicone litter, though he still uses the other boxes when he feels like it. He doesn’t get ruffled too often… unless you are a 4-year-old. 4-year-old’s are scary!

LeeLoo hasn’t used the silicone as far as I have seen. To be fair, I’m gone during the day everyday and she could be using it without my knowledge, but I’m not pulling her box until I’m sure and so the final review waits on proof of use.

The second box should be arriving soon, and now that I know what to expect, I’ll probably do an unboxing video or at least give more detail on the differences between clay and silicone litter. I’ve been so loyal to clay for so long that I’m quite interested to see what my final opinion will be.


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