Ear Mites

Is your pet scratch, scratch, scratching their ears more than normal and shaking their head like crazy? Are they drawing blood scratching so much? Is there black dirt in their ears that kind of looks like coffee grounds? You might have just met ear mites.

What’s and ear mite you say. Here is a look at them under the microscope:

They are infectious organisms like ticks that feast on the wax and oils in your pets ears. They breed in ears, make a mess in ears and spread to all nearby pet ears like a plague so that everyone starts itching and scratching. They are irritating and cause inflammation. They are bad news.

Here’s the poor kitten that brought in the above mite sample. Cat’s are far more common to see with ear mites, especially outdoor cats and kittens, but they surely aren’t uncommon in dogs.

She was much happier after a good ear cleaning and treatment.


Of course, mites aren’t the only thing that cause itching. Only a microscope can prove the presence of these little beasts so make sure you get to the vet anytime your pet is behaving strangely so that we can diagnose the real cause and treat it quickly.

Topical Prevention-Control

We use Revolution and Revolution Plus (plus gets ticks too) in our house. It goes on easy and dries fast but I still put it on before bed so the kids won’t pet the cats until well after it’s dried. It’s a cure as well as a prevention since it keeps the mite eggs from hatching at all. Adult mites can live up to two months so at least two monthly treatments for every pet in the house would be needed to control an outbreak. It’s just easier to keep them all on a monthly prevention and not worry about re-infection. Just be very careful about size. There is a reason body weight is right there on the cover.

*Make sure you get the right size and only give as indicated.

There are all sorts of over the counter cures, dips and chews. Please go to your veterinarian to get a prescription for exactly what you need. It’s disheartening to hear all the trials an owner has gone through to fight ear mites only to find out they have an ear infection or something else going on entirely.

Sometimes saving money doesn’t save you at all…

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