Hello! My name is Luna and I am a 2 year old Border Collie/Goldendoodle mix!

I was born on April 23, 2017 in Taylorsville Utah and came home to my new family in June after they found me in the classifieds. I love everyone and everything! Playing fetch, tug of war, playing in the snow, snuggling my human girl, and getting a nice belly rub are a few of my favorite pastimes. I love taking walks and learning new tricks like jumping through the hula hoop or giving high fives. I could play fetch all day long. I love to be outside with my people but don’t love to be out there alone. I also love playing in the water and trying to eat it! My bum and tail have a mind of their own and wiggle like crazy when I see new people that can play with me.

I have a new little sister name Tonks and she is fun to play with too! She is just what I needed in life. We play tug of war with everything such as ropes, ears, balls, sticks! She is so much fun! She has a lot to learn but I am confident I can teach her the ropes of being the best dog.

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