Playay IQ Treat and Dental Ball

Brushing is hands down the best way to clean your pets teeth, but there are funner ways to help keep that healthy smile too! Cooper cat hasn’t even let me brush his pants yet, let alone brush his teeth so I jumped all over a treat ball that could help his teeth while we worked out the brushing idea. Every little bit does help in this case and you have to start somewhere!

Now, even though the product information says it’s for cats or small-medium dogs, they don’t really have cats in mind or they wouldn’t ship it with a ‘I Love My Dog’ sticker but whatever.


I was still happy to see our new IQ Ball. It’s not just for teeth. It can help keep your pet entertained while you are gone to work and is quite stimulating to their little brains as they work out a way to get the treats out!

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