Kong Naturals Catnip

I ran out of the tried and true catnip and started to wonder if it was the cats favorite or just catnip fans so I bought a new brand. Kong. They make great toys right? Why not catnip so I ordered it up and waited impatiently for it to show up.

When I got it I popped it open and took a whiff. Yup, smells fresh and just look at this.

Just look at the seeds and stems! Man! This is great stuff so I gave it to the cats.

They both ran over to the same one and squabbled… sigh… So I put Leeloo on one scratcher and Cooper on the other. Cooper rolled in it and Leeloo ate it… no surprise there, but then they just walked away. WHAT?!

There was even leftovers… Leftovers?

In true, stubborn mom fashion, I kept trying. Oh they like it, don’t get me wrong, just not at the level they liked the silvervine laced catnip.

Cooper’s amiable, Leeloo is looking for something better. “This it? Really?”

Amiable isn’t all that. Remember Cooper from Christmas? This look similar at all?

I wonder if SmartyKat not Silvervine catnip would make them just as happy… Hmmmm.

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