Drying Homegrown Catnip

Full disclosure: I have never grown, harvested or dried catnip until this year. I only started now because I purchased a little, pretty plant in a pet store and it quickly tried to take over the backyard, providing much more catnip than two little kitties could ever consume.

I cut some and took it to work to give away, but it was still overgrowing it’s beds so I researched, lost the research and then flew by the seat of my pants, because it was that tall!!The bees really liked this part, near the wall of Ivy. They and the butterflies were out in force so I left them these stalks and cut down many, many others and yet there is still another half I can harvest another time.

One drying method is to hang it upside down in a dark room for three weeks. Three Weeks?! Nope. So I put a batch in the sun to dry:

And the others in pans.

Baking Catnip:

350 degrees for about 30 Minuets (until crunchy) then turn off the oven and crack open to vent until cool.

I was distracted by life any number of times and yet the catnip was just fine. The whole house smelled of catnip so if you are a fan of the mint family, this will be a pleasant experience. If not, you’ll definitely want to find another rout.

It crumbled very well but the flowers didn’t dry as fast or as easy. I seem to remember a recommendation to harvest before flowering for this reason but… oh well.

Its wasn’t a large part of the harvest any-who so I wouldn’t change this way at all. I think this will be my preferred method.

Sun Dried:

At dusk I was locking up the house and remembered about the bunches drying in the sun and went to get them. Uh… they blew away!! Luckily I found them but you might want an anchor if you choose this rout.

I found the leaves to be smaller, more shriveled this rout and definitely not evenly dry. Much more was waisted. Perhaps two or more days in the sun are needed. Just crush and put the rest back out, but my life is far too hectic for a multiple day project. I hope your lives are far more relaxed and you can allow nature to take its course.

I left the bags open to vent but keep the catnip contained so hopefully they will be better dried by morning. Might be a fun thing for the less dry stalks to hang out at a community room at a humane society.

Hmmm… I do have hookups there. One of my good friend is founder of Angel Paws Academy. She and her son frequent the shelters to help find cats homes. That would be an awesome use for our excess.