Homegrown/Home dried Catnip vs SmartyKat Silvervine Blend

Our reigning champ is challenged today by… ME! That’s right. I planted the catnip. I grew the catnip. I harvested the catnip and now…

I Challenge you SmartyKat!

Same setup as before only my bag of the nip on the scratchpad.

Cooper and Leeloo didn’t even let me set up today without investigating. I think they might be getting used to their job and wanted to check out the set up first. Me… and silvervine.


Well… at least they sniffed mine… a little.

Before totally turning their noses up at it.

Just look how green and fresh!!

But MOM!!! I don’t like greens. Blech!

Ding, ding, ding!

Smarty Cat wins again!