IQ Dental Ball – Canine Review

Luna and Tonks have played and played with the IQ Treat and Dental ball and are ready to give their review.

Not sure how to raise my paws yet, so I’ll raise an ear instead

This ball has been great! It has held up well against the sharp puppy teeth as well as Luna’s adult teeth. Both pups are going to give this toy…

Two paws up!!!

Both Tonks and Luna enjoyed the one ball so much that they started snatching it from each other when the other wasn’t looking. They loved trying to get the hidden treats and licking the toothpaste out from the cracks. They stole it from each other so often that it was decided another ball would be needed to keep the peace.

I can’t say for sure that it is helping to keep the puppies teeth clean since Tonks enjoys licking out the flavored toothpaste more than trying to bite it so the IQ Treat and Dental Ball definitely does it’s job of providing amusement if nothing else.