Hot Hot HOT!

Heat advisories are going into affect. It’s time to slow down and relax through the heat of the day and keep all activities for early morning or after the sun goes to bed. If you must be out and about in the heat, and seriously consider having to be outside, here are some ways to keep safe.

Keep Hydrated

Without water there is no life. Drink. Provide fresh, cool water for your pets at all times. Do whatever you need to encourage extra drinking when it is hot out. Most human food is bad for our fur friends, but frozen apples, bananas or blueberries can help keep the water cool and encourage drinking. You can have multiple water dishes and keep a clean one in the freezer with ice on the bottom to keep the water cooler. You can even add wet food to your pets diet or clean water to their kibble, anything to get a bit of extra hydration in.


Swimming is good exercise as well as a good way to stay cool. You don’t even have to be there for your pet to enjoy the water since you can just leave a kiddy pool out to make sure your pup always has access to water. Of course, if your pet is older or a bit lame, a big bowl will be much more advisable than a pool.


Kennels are great to keep warmth in during cooler spring days, but do not count this as shelter when it gets hot because you’ve really just made a little oven. Indoor access is the very best. Nothing is better than cool tile in the hot summer months.

Any time your pet is outdoors it needs shade. Something open to the wind and over some comfortable grass, pool or deck.


Your hairless friend loves to sunbathe as much as you do but is just as susceptible to skin cancers so keep that delicate skin protected!

Not with your own sunscreen though. Your sunscreen isn’t meant to be licked so get a doggy brand. has tons of them. You can even get a bundle for noses and pawpads for your thicker fur kids to keep sensitive spots protected.

Heck, grab some bottled water, your sunscreen and some awesome shades for your pup and make a pool day!

Awe Yeah!

Groom don’t Shave!

I know it sounds as if shaving your German Shepherd down will cool them off, but that is far from the truth. German shepherds have a wiry overcoat to help regulate temperature. You take that off and you actually make them hotter! Plus that hair might never grow back right. Talk to your favorite groomer about your pets hair coat to see what the best options are to help keep them cool.

Want to Take a Walk?

If you simply must walk, do so way early in the morning or way late at night when the pavement is cooler. If you cant put your palm on the ground, your pet definitely shouldn’t be walking around on it with delicate paw pads. They will heat up super fast and might get heatstroke or burnt paws. Paw pads are thick and offer great protection, but once they are burnt or torn off, getting them to heal is a huge effort.

Get booties or keep them on the grass and avoid cement and rock that holds in the heat so well.

Heat Stroke

Our fur friends with short noses like pugs and pekingese can’t cool off as well by panting as longer nosed breads. Older or sick animals also have very little resistance to extreme temperatures. Watch them extra close, but every pet or person can get heat stroke. It’s best to recognize the signs so that you can cool them down before heat stroke sets in and becomes an emergency.

Pet MD:

As 106 ºF is reached, heat stroke occurs and causes vomit, diarrhea, collapse, seizure activity, multi-system organ failure, coma, and death.

Yeah, lets not fund out what that is like and catch it earlier than that. PetMD also has a slideshow of what heatstroke signs to watch for for your dog and cat so check that out before taking your pet any place hot, especially your car!


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