Becoming more Facebook Friendly

Shaun, the Web Guru, informed me that I was breaking my Facebook posts by putting alerts on the My New Pet home page so… After this alert, the home page will become a boring, static page that just links to updates and new things.

I’m still quite new to being a content manager, so I suspect this won’t be the last time I am counseled on proper protocols. I hope you can all bear with me as I soldier on to make this site as helpful as possible. All constructive criticism is welcome. Check out all our contact information on our About page.

Until I rearrange everything to be more Facebook friendly, Enjoy some fun pictures and remember Heat Stroke is no joke. Stay safe. Play hard.

Did you know that kittens can fit their bodies through anything, provided their head will fit? Keep this in mind when kitten proofing your house.


Dogs are social animals that can be very treat and food driven, but… Did you know their social upbringing also makes them very good at listening. Some dogs work at libraries so that kids can read to them. The dog gets attention and the child gets to read without anyone correcting them or thinking they are dumb. Good dog!!

Cats have fewer taste buds than we do and can not taste sweet things. Find cat tongues interesting? Check out this article.

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