Think your pooch is the belle of the ball?


Want to dress your cat up?




Why not? A quick search on Amazon and your dog could become a lion!






And your cat could become Bat-Cat! I know Cooper would look dapper as a bat!


If your pet is amiable, really… your choices are limitless. Every pet store has them stocked for Halloween but there are still a few costumes that stay around all year and if not, the internet will offer you whatever you want! Does your cat need some battle armor? Well, go here where they have 3D printed cat armor for you!

Is your pet costume tolerant?

Before you run out and get a closet full of awesome costumes, take a little moment and ask yourself. Does your pet really want a costume? I’ve tried little things with Cooper and I can tell you he is NOT interested in costumes.

At work we were handed down a triceratops costume and thought we had the perfect pit-bull puppy candidate to wear it. Only… She was far too excited and moved around so much the costume wouldn’t even stay on! So cute! But definitely not a good costume candidate. Can you even see her tail? It was moving so fast it was only a blur! She loved all the attention anyway!

Other pets are downright terrified of costumes! Do not stress them out for your benefit.

If your pet is a good candidate, play safe!

If your pet likes costumes, this can be an amazingly fun way to bond and play with your fur friend. So go play but NEVER┬áleave a costumed put unsupervised! They can get caught in things, tangled up in the costume, strangled… oh my!!! Always be with them!

Pet insurance companies see claims for all sorts of trouble. Stop by Nation Wide Pet Insurance for some injury claims they have received so you can keep your pet safe while you play dress-up. In my hospital experience, candy hands down takes the emergency calls on Halloween, not costumes but still. BE SAFE.

Note on candy: Labs have been known to eat whole bags of Halloween candy, and I do mean bags and all. Putting them at risk for not just chocolate toxicity, but also foreign bodies, choking, xylitol toxicity, diarrhea, agitation, seizures… death. If you have an impossible pet (I’m looking at you labs but any-pup can do it!) maybe Halloween should be celebrated without candy. Really. I know it hurts but a trip to the ER during a holiday is no fun.