Halloween 2019

It’s Halloween!


Or at least, that’s what my four-year-old son keeps chanting around the house every few seconds, and since I’m a huge fan of Halloween, I’m all for it! But, like any other holiday, we see an increasing amount of pets in the Emergency Rooms so this season I’ll be throwing out tips and tricks to keep your pet home and safe during this spooky holiday.

Halloween is part of Fall celebrations. After you’ve read the Halloween notes, you can back up and read all about the cautions of Fall

Anxiety Alert

If your pet has anxiety, I think this would be an awesome time to run to the vet for a checkup and a good discussion on anxiety. I mean come on, what can be scarier for a pet already terrified of the world than tiny humans in costume screaming and ringing the bell every three seconds?!?

Carved Pumpkins and Candles

Pumpkins are amazing and very good for you… until they’ve been carved and set out awhile. They go rancid pretty fast and can cause all sorts of stomach upset. Gack! Keep them up high or where your dog or cat can’t play with them, especially if they have real fire candles in them. Personally, I say skip the fire and buy a twelve pack of flickering tea light candles so you don’t have to worry about the fire hazard or the burns they can cause. This warning also applies to scented candles and waxes. Fire is not good for our furry friends! Keep it away from them pretty please.

New Article up on the greatness of Pumpkins. Please go here and check it out!


There is nothing more iconic than costumes for Halloween. Some pets think this is great. Others get totally freaked out if you try to put a costume on them or if you come up to them in costume to do something totally normal like just picking them up. MAKE SURE THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE FIRST. So many, many kids (and adults) are injured every year by running up to their best friend, scaring the crap out of their best friend and suffering terrible injury for it. Please. Masks can be downright terrifying. Let your pets smell the mask and see what it is and only once they know it’s not threatening, try putting it on. Make sure to put it on and take it off again in their presence. Make sure they are completely comfortable with it. Makeup and face paint might have the same terrifying affect so let your pet come to you and don’t put your face by theirs. You wouldn’t want them to get scared and bite your face… or lick off all that cool makeup! That would sure put a damper on the evening…

Absolutely more to come. Stay tuned!

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