November 2019

Being that it is November 6th now, I have finally taken a deep breath, held back my tears and removed the Halloween homepage. The homepage is now what Webmaster Shaun told me to make it, a landing page for everyone visiting My New Pet. Updates and fun will now be posts to direct you to the new content while the home page introduces you to the web site, like every other successful website does.

Trial and error… yes. But we will make it happen!

Pretty golden-red leaves are pretty much gone here in Utah. Soon we will be buried in ice and snow.


Soon we will wish we were bears to hibernate through the cold and not have to drive to work, pick up the kids, go shopping… sliding around in the snow.

Bears know what to do in the cold. The rest of us aren’t the best at it. Even your pets might have trouble navigating the freezing world, if not be downright afraid of it!

So what can you do to prepare for the ice to come?

We happen to already have an article on it so just sled on over to Winter Wonderland and check it out. Though… don’t be surprised if it gets changed a bit in the next few weeks while it is being updated to today’s standards of care rather than last years. Things move quick in the medical world and our knowledge will change with it so get a cup of your favorite warm drink and read up on the joys of snow and ice!

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