Letter to Santa from Cooper Coyote

Dear Santa-Paws,

My human siblings have been waking me early with squeals of delight thanks to the elf you sent to watch over them. They hunt for that elf and he brings them small presents. I don’t mind being woken up so much now that Mom lets me play with the paper when the kids are done with it, so perhaps Christmas is something I will start to like too.

The kids wrote letters to you last night so I though, while Mom sleeps… I’d send you one too.

You see Santa, I came from a shelter…



More than one actually and I spent a lot of time alone in a cage. It was a sad time…




But then the kids came for me and brought me here. It’s taken me a long time, but t’m starting to think of this place as my home and these people as my family.

Still… I can’t help remember the time before, when my future was in question and family after family slid right passed my cage without a word. I wonder about all the animals I saw there and wonder if they are alright.

So Santa-Paws… I humbly ask… Please watch out for them and help them if you can. Like Gidget who is with Utah Valley Animal Rescue now, just like I was. Help her find her forever home.

Or maybe, if you are really busy Santa-Paws, I found that the ASPCA takes donations on their website! I’m sure lots of shelters do too, whichever shelter you like best! Do they have local shelters at the North Pole?

Speaking of the North Pole, your elves are very crafty. Perhaps they can make something for my shelter friends? Like cage curtains, pillows and blankets? Maybe even donate some left over towels they aren’t using anymore? Or they can walk the dogs and play with the cats! Do you know they let volunteers do that? Just play with animals for enrichment?

MNN has a whole article on 25 Creative Ways to Help Shelter Animals, that should help give you and your many elves some good ideas on how to help.

Please Santa-Paws… Please help them.

Love Always,

Cooper Coyote

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