Christmas Wrapping

Well… It’s finally over. That’s a wrap. Every adult I know is back to work and back to the grind. And all the kids are like…

More presents please?

But no… Santa has taken all the cookies and run for it and the space beneath the Christmas tree is bare of presents. It is almost time to start getting ready for New Year’s Eve and another bright year to come.

But… before we get to New Years, let’s take a moment to review this Christmas Season. So…

  • How was your Christmas with your pet and family?
  • What can you do to make next year even brighter?

Cooper Coyote and Leeloo Dallas volunteered to be object lessons this year.

So, how was their Christmas?

Well… they got yelled at an awful lot to be sure, which is probably not uncommon for anyone with young pets or children. Cooper and Leeloo were after all the bows and ribbons. They were IN the tree, ON the tree and hiding BEHIND the tree (they could be in a kids book).

They were in the way every moment.

They put their furry noses in all the boxes, crafts and gifts.

Their furry butts were chased out of the trash numerous times and they ate the Christmas lights.

That’s right… They ATE them! Lucky for us they were LED lights and just turned off. Otherwise there could have been a fire or a trip to the ER for badly burned kitties. We’re still lucky there wasn’t a blockage. Oh my!!

We could either complain about all the trouble this year, next year and the year after¬† or we can plot and plan for next year. In my case, I’m going to do both. Complaints done, now… let’s plan!

Next Year’s Christmas Preparation List:

  1. Christmas Tree goes in a corner: That way the furry menaces can’t hide where we cant see them and chew, chew, chew lights to their great pleasure. No pets or kids allowed behind that tree!
  2. Nerf Guns or Soft Balls: Not to shoot the cats! Don’t go there! Just to spook them away fast until my lumbering form can chase them away. There were far too many near misses this year for comfort. I need fast turn around time for proper training.
  3. Nightly Light Checks: I think we will put one ornament on the tree each night and remember something good that has happened. Why? Because it is good to remember in the horrible rush that is Christmas just how lucky we are to be in a house with a Christmas tree, and because I will be right by the tree to examine it and its surroundings for signs of trouble.
  4.  More Playtime with the Cats: They had quite a time playing with boxes and discarded wrapping paper but it would have kept them further from the tree if they were with me playing more often.
  5. Save Trial Present: The bows were definitely distracting, but Leeloo and Cooper managed to resist the trial box and the rest of the presents so I will save the trial gift for them. Next year I will sneaky open it and put toys in it for them and put it back under the tree for trial #2. Good smelling boxes!

So there is our list. What is yours? How will you wrap your pet into the season better so that every day can be merry and bright? Take the weekend and think about it… while you play with your pet…

Three wise doggos

List done?

Great. Save it in your calendar to remind you next year and then just sit and remember.

Remember the best of Christmas. This Christmas, last Christmas, the one when you are two… I don’t care. Glean the gold from the chaff… Forget the crap and only remember the best.

Hold it to your heart and forget every slight against you, every stress, every present you couldn’t buy and every present you didn’t get. Forget them and only remember the good.

Like dogs we must shake off the bad and hunt for treats and fun so go…

FETCH that new year!

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