Your dog ate what?

Why yes. We do see this issue enough to warrant its own song, so enjoy the music and take the message to heart! And good job Kelsey Beth Carpenter. I love this song!

But let this song stand for anything your dog may have eaten. Girlfriends undies? Medications? Narcotics? Just tell us. One of our regular patient’s Moms were embarrassed every time we had to surgically remove her underwear from her Bassets belly (4 times) but she told us, every time. If she can do it, so can you!

Dogs and cats eat strange things.

For the love of all things furry, just tell us what it was!

Especially if it was a pot brownie. Now we have chocolate and THC toxicity to counter and the quicker we start treatment, the better the outcome will be.

Drunken walk, dribbling urine and trouble regulating temperature are the symptoms we see most often but seizures and death also happen. Don’t chance it. Seek help and be honest.

Tell us what it was or just keep it from happening.

Tip #1

Only take out one dose at a time. Keep the rest high out of reach of anyone; children, pets, nosy roommates, etc. You are an adult. You made this choice. Don’t make it for others too. Never leave these things attended. At least if the worst should happen, you know how much they ate and roughly when. Removing guesswork always helps speed recovery. Again, this is for anything toxic, not just pot.

Heck, put those edibles in a childproof cupboard. If you cant open the cupboard, you know you’ve had too much! Safer for your pet and self regulating too!

Tip #2

If you’re smoking it, do it outside or somewhere your pets and other friends cant get the second hand smoke, bong water, resin, etc. Dispose of these things properly and then go giggle with your friends. You can have a much funner time if you don’t have to rush to the Pet ER with your beloved friend.

Stay safe friends!