Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

If you are like me, you’re getting awful sick of tearing off layers of pet hair rollers. Don’t get me wrong. EverCare has taken care of us for years. Both in hospital and at home, this roller hands down was the best. I’m just looking for something more reusable and handy. So when I came … Read more

Fish Water

Some people jump right into fish keeping, and it’s so easy they don’t understand when people have issues. After bashing my head against issues when others tell me they aren’t even cleaning their tanks and everything is fine, I concluded. Water is different. Silly to say, I know, but true. My water is different from … Read more

New Litterbox for Cooper

One of the ways to avoid your cat peeing and pooping in inappropriate places is by making sure they have a litterbox their size with litter they like that is cleaned often, but finding cat supplies big enough for a Main Coon, even a little coon like Cooper Coyote, is no easy task. We’ve been … Read more