Happy COVID Holidays

This is usually the time of year that I refresh your memory on Christmas Toxins. Or maybe talk about Christmas Trees and how terribly fun they are to play in for pets and dangerous as well. I would urge you to remember how anxiety can be off the charts for pets during the holidays. I might even recommend taking your pet in for a good wellness exam, as the deep cold of winter can be hard on our furry friends.

But this year is different.

We’ve lost many friends this year.

We’ve wept. We’ve struggled to survive. We are still here.

This year I ask that you stay home and stay safe.

I ask that you search inside to see how you are doing and make sure you are doing ok if you need help, ask for it.

If you are in crisis, call for help. Survive. We all need you.

I ask that you reach out to your pets for wellness and togetherness. Find new, fun things to do indoors to pass the time and stay whole. Visit Tree Hugger or Puppy Leaks to find games to do with your pup indoors.

Break out the toys and play with your pets. Laugh. Live.

Stretch out. Relax. Breath.

Follow cats on this one. We are just preserving our strength for now. Once the shadow of COVID passes, we will be released into the world. It is just a moment in time. Rest while you can.

If you are an essential worker, running, healing, hurting inside but carrying on, we thank you.

We love you.

Stay strong. Take every moment you can with a purring cat or a puppy and breathe. This, too, shall pass. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are getting there.

Veterinary hospitals are closing every day.

It’s a tough time to be in medicine, any medicine, and your veterinary office might be in chaos right now. They take in clients from closed vets and are handling a grand influx of puppies and rescued shelter animals. They are swamped. If you need vaccines or medical help, call them. If not, wait, watch and take extra care of yourself and your pet. Home care is the best care right now, but don’t put off the little things and make them big things.

If it can wait, let it wait. If it can’t wait, bring your patience and a good book and expect a wait.

Goodies for the staff would probably be a good idea. They may be running off of sugar and caffeine right now. They might need a pick me up, and definitely a kind word.

I ask you to be kind.

This season made grinches long before COVID, but it seems worse this year, deeper. It’s hard to find a happy person out in the world. Try to be that person. Bring light where you can. Be courteous. Be understanding. Be patient. It’s good for your soul as well as theirs.

I ask you to Google kittens!

Google ducklings!

Google anything cute and fluffy.

I recommend you celebrate anything and everything. Anything you love, don’t bother to look at the calendar. If you love Halloween, then make it Halloween or Easter or whatever you want it to be. Celebrate. Or better yet, celebrate someone else’s holiday and learn about how they are different and how they are the same.

If isolation is killing you, find someplace to volunteer.

If work is exhausting and crazy as you pull the weight of the world, take a break, however long you can make it, and look at something bright and beautiful to you.

Because above all, time will press forward. The page on this era of existence will turn to the next.

Be there with us to see it.

Your pet needs you. We need you.

Stay home. Stay safe.


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