New Litterbox for Cooper

One of the ways to avoid your cat peeing and pooping in inappropriate places is by making sure they have a litterbox their size with litter they like that is cleaned often, but finding cat supplies big enough for a Main Coon, even a little coon like Cooper Coyote, is no easy task.

We’ve been using the disposable kind since he was so sick, and he was outstanding to use them though he barely fit in them, but he has finally beat diarrhea and is putting on weight. He’s up to twelve pounds and still has room to grow! Yay! So we started looking around for a permanent litter box, but we were never quite sure which would fit him.

Our web guru Shaun found a main coon chat that recommended a Petmate Giant Litter Pan by luck. So we ordered it and hoped. A few days later, this huge box arrives, and we were like, ‘That is a ridiculously excessive box,” but no, that’s just the size of it!

Copper jumped in before we’d even gotten it out of the box! He just sat in there, loving it.

Both cats refused close-ups on actually using the box, but they have both been digging happily in there numerous times.

Here it is all set up in the poop room with the litter mat we got as part of the Kitty Poo Club. The cats now have more room than we do! I’m so glad they like it.

The other great thing about it is the cubbies for the cat waste bags and litter scoop. The easier you make cleaning the litterbox, the more likely you are to clean it! And the more likely you are to clean it, the more likely it is that your cats will use it, so always strive for neat and easy.

I definitely think this purchase was a win!

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