Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

If you are like me, you’re getting awful sick of tearing off layers of pet hair rollers. Don’t get me wrong. EverCare has taken care of us for years. Both in hospital and at home, this roller hands down was the best. I’m just looking for something more reusable and handy. So when I came across the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter on Amazon for under ten bucks. I picked it right up.

When it came in the mail I was a bit surprised by it. I don’t know what I was expecting. It says it’s a sponge. And it really is exactly what you see below.

A weird sponge that smells… odd. Not bad really just distinct. I was skeptical so I attacked the cat tree with it. If you want cat hair in this house, it’s on the cat tree and walla. Hair! Didn’t take any time either. Just two good swipes per section and the hair came right off.

The fur just rolled right off and then came right off the sponge. Easy-Peasy.

It really worked well so I cuddled LeeLoo and tried to get her bunny fur off my black vet tech hoodie and well… Fail is a gentle word for it. It really has no effect on any fur on my coat or clothes.


I have a new best friend when cleaning the cat tree, otherwise it’s back to old, reliable EverCare and the hunt continues for a reusable hair fighter.

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